Overall Rating


Memory Foam

Next generation travel pillow


Our patented memory foam travel pillow for optimal comfort and support.
Conforms to the contours of your neck and provides an unparalleled luxurious feeling.


Lightweight & Compact


Headphone Friendly


86% Recycled Fleece


Weight: 300gr

Why your neck needs a chinsitter

Ultimately, only advanced chin support keeps your head up and your neck relaxed.

No pillow

With no pillow, your head has no support and your head is constantly bobbing


With the Chinsitter, your chin can rest and your head will no longer be bobbing back and forth.

U-Shape pillow

With traditional U-Shape pillows, you have no chin support to prevent your head from falling forward

Aisle, window or middle seat?

Finding your sweet spot was never easier

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The proof is in the pillow

From Kentucky to Katmandu, over 10,000 reviews on Amazon

The proof is in the pillow

From Kentucky to Katmandu, over 10,000 reviews on Amazon

Overall Rating


4.5 / 5


Curtis Christensen, Mobile AL

I wasn't expecting it to work but it was pretty awesome, it gives you neck support and that much needed chin support.


James Curtis, Spokane WA

Used this for multiple 5 hours flights, one being overnight, and I can say this was much better than any other pillow I’ve used. It holds your chin up so your head doesn’t fall forward


RedBird, Amazon Customer

This is nearly the perfect travel pillow and is super versatile. I haven't taken it on a flight yet but can already tell it will be better than all other neck pillows I've used.


Tammy Zion, Providence LI

 I have went through quite a few travel pillows and I must say that this one tops them all by far.


Jay G, Boston, MA

My wife has Parkinson's and has trouble holding her head up. We tried other products, but this is the one that gave her the support she needed.


Lori B, Ft. Lauderdale

I just loved the plushness of this pillow, which allowed me to sleep for 5 hours straight on each flight

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