It all started on a trip

The beginning

We’re not quite sure where we were heading, but we wereon the road a lot those days, collecting frequent flyer miles as if there was no tomorrow...

And the more we flew, the worse we felt and the more tired we got.

The mission

The journey can be great, but getting to your destination well-rested is priceless.

Bcozzy is committed to both the journey and the destination

Neck support starts with chin support 

we started with U-shape pillows thinking that’s what was needed. 30, 40, 50 prototypes later (who’s counting?) we had our Eureka moment and understood something that’s helped turn Bcozzy into the best-seller that it is.

Our Customer. Our Experience

We treat our customer as we treat ourselves, because we are the ultimate Bcozzy customer -always on the move and always looking toupgrade our journey. And this also comesacross in how we treat our customers - just the way we would like to be treated.

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